Camshaft Rules implemented for Spring Nationals

CKNA moves to ensure that the level playing field continues: We have just released the supplemental rules and full timeline for the 2023 edition of the Spring Nationals at Charlotte Motor Speedway.You can download these either from the Spring Nationals Event page, or by clicking on the event on our online schedule. In the supplemental rules, you will find a passage regarding a new “Camshaft Intake Lobe Centerline” requirement that we will begin enforcing at Spring Nationals. As many of you may already know, social media blew up a few months ago regarding claims that some competitors and “engine tuners” had discovered a way to “twist” the camshaft inside the engines without breaking the seals. Although we have stayed silent […]

Spring Nats Registration is OPEN!

4-cycle’s 2nd biggest race of the year! Early Bird Special: Register by Feb. 6th and save $25! To register for the race, please head over to our RaceSelect registration system. You will also be given the option to pay for Friday practice, reserved parking, tires, and rental transponders. All of these are optional, but prepaying guarantees that what you need will be waiting for you at the track. Spring Nats Info Page This race will also be the first points race for the all new Cup Karts North East Divisional Series. We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to bring our brand of karting to a region of the country that has been hungry for a competitive […]

CKNA Launches it’s North East Divisional Series

Starting as a small series of three races in Wisconsin back in 2014, Cup Karts North America has now become the largest 4-cycle sprint karting organization in North America. This past season saw the addition of the very successful Cup Karts Canada Series, increasing the total number of events to 12 in as many as eleven different states/provinces in 2022. We try to make CKNA bigger AND better each year. Through rule changes, staffing, class structure and the tracks at which we hold races; we are always striving to one up ourselves and provide the best competitive and family-friendly events that our customers deserve. Based on the success of our 2022 campaign, we knew we had to step up our […]

Race for FREE!!!

Let’s face it, racing is expensive. Not only for the racers, but for the organizations hosting the events as well. So as the old adage says, “Help us Help you”! CKNA has been able to maintain our reasonably priced event structure with TONS OF AWARDS AND PRIZES for all these years thanks to the multitude of sponsors that have supported us and our racers. But just maintaining the status quo isn’t good enough. We want to keep improving our staff, equipment and technology to ensure that we have the best karting events in North America! So we thought this would be an excellent opportunity to get our racers involved and help them afford more racing in 2023 as well! Welcome […]

2023 CKNA Class Structure

It’s been a long time since we felt it necessary to make any significant changes to the CKNA class structure. After a great deal of research and testing, we have decided to modify both the American and Canadian class structures. For a variety of reasons, we feel the time is right to roll out these changes. Our goals we’re clear: create a better progression as drivers move up in category, getting the Canadian and American class structures more aligned, maintain the level of competition, and most importantly… SAFETY! United States Class Structure: For 2023, we are restructuring some of our youth classes in the US to meet the goals we outlined above. At many of the tracks we visited in […]

2023 Season Schedule announcement

2022 was a landmark year for Cup Karts North America. Beyond having record numbers at most every race in 2022, we gained a National race with the Winter Nationals in Jacksonville, FL as well as an entire new Division in Canada! We truly couldn’t be happier with how 2022 went unfolded. But it’s time to move on and get geared up for 2023. With three Divisions to think of as well as three National events, there are a lot of moving parts. It took longer than we hoped to get something on paper that we felt confident gave our racers the best opportunity to race the events they want to be a part of. There are so many great tracks […]

LBMG and Rocavaka Vodka join CKNA for GN6

Starting with Grand Nationals 3 in 2019, CKNA started live streaming the Grands as a way to help our racers families and friends to be apart of the action, as well as to promote Cup Karts North America to a broader audience. We’ve been blown away each year with the number of people that have logged on to watch our races from all over the world. For 2022, we wanted to take this to the next level with upgraded on screen graphics, more cameras and a higher level of race coverage. We reached out to numerous companies that specialize in live sporting events, but once we talked with the guys from Live Broadcast Media Group, we knew we had found […]

Registration is open for GN6

The long wait is over, Registration has opened for Grand Nationals 6 at New Castle Motorsports Park! Register NOW! Please head over to the Grand Nationals 6 page for the general overview of the event. This page is where the bulk of the information regarding the event will be posted. We also have created a FAQ page specifically for this event. We promise the majority of the questions you have will be answered there. Other then getting registered for the race, the other thing you need to do is get yourself a pit spot. For Grand Nationals, you do this by calling the staff at NCMP and reserving through them. As this race has grown we have had to add […]

CKNA Rules revision 22.1 has been released!

From time to time, we feel it necessary to revise some rules mid-season in an effort to improve the efficiency of our events as well as the experience for the competitors. With five races already under our belts for 2022, we found a few things we wanted to improve upon for our racers! Other than some clarifications and house keeping, here’s an outline of the changes. Please make sure to download rev22.1 of the rules ASAP so you can read the full details of all the changes: Canada exceptions: As we launch the Canadian Division in just a few weeks, there are some differences in both class structure and safety requirements. Those will be detailed in the Canadian Supplemental rules. […]

Spring Nats Supps and Schedule Outline

The long awaited schedule for the 2022 Spring Nationals has been uploaded to the website! You can download them either on the homepage or on the Spring Nationals Page. Here are three important things to note: There is a new Pre-Tech form this season, that makes you acknowledge the kart number you registered with is correct, and on your kart DURING PRE-TECH. We will no longer be allowing number changes at the track in most cases, so make sure you know what you registered! We will be setting up a “Tire Table” for all racers to have their tires scanned in at. We will not be scanning tires at the grid as we have done in the past. Make sure […]