LBMG and Rocavaka Vodka join CKNA for GN6

Starting with Grand Nationals 3 in 2019, CKNA started live streaming the Grands as a way to help our racers families and friends to be apart of the action, as well as to promote Cup Karts North America to a broader audience. We’ve been blown away each year with the number of people that have logged on to watch our races from all over the world. For 2022, we wanted to take this to the next level with upgraded on screen graphics, more cameras and a higher level of race coverage. We reached out to numerous companies that specialize in live sporting events, but once we talked with the guys from Live Broadcast Media Group, we knew we had found […]

Registration is open for GN6

The long wait is over, Registration has opened for Grand Nationals 6 at New Castle Motorsports Park! Register NOW! Please head over to the Grand Nationals 6 page for the general overview of the event. This page is where the bulk of the information regarding the event will be posted. We also have created a FAQ page specifically for this event. We promise the majority of the questions you have will be answered there. Other then getting registered for the race, the other thing you need to do is get yourself a pit spot. For Grand Nationals, you do this by calling the staff at NCMP and reserving through them. As this race has grown we have had to add […]