Divisional Awards Ceremonies

We’ve always acknowledged our Divisional podium finishers at Grand Nationals each year, and this year is no different. But now that CKNA encompasses 4 divisions, we’ve had to split it into two nights! CKNA awards the top 3 in each class trophies AND prizes. We also added 4th & 5th place for any classes that averaged over 15 entries! Below are lists for who from each Division will receive an award, as well as which night your awards ceremony will be. We’re going to try and hustle through the awards this year, so we will not be serving a meal. We figured you had a busy weekend still ahead! But, NCMP’s cafe is open for food and drinks if you […]

Class caps announced for the Grand Nationals

Due to the overwhelming number of entries with two weeks still to go, the decision has been made to implement class caps for the first time in CKNA history at this years Grand Nationals. As much as we have tried to avoid it all these years, we feel the best thing to do at this point is to enforce a cap on entries in each class to ensure that the racers attending Grand Nationals 7 get the best experience possible. That is our top priority!  Here are the details: GN7 Class Caps: Classes will be capped at 58 entries (48 for Sportsman and Cadet) The first 4 classes to exceed the cap will be expanded and run the A/B/C/D format, […]

GN7 Track Layout Confirmed

Here is the announcement that so many of you have been asking for, the OFFICIAL track layout for Grand Nationals 7! Yes, we have made the decision to race NCMP’s “Track 43” again this year. We know this is not the most creative decision we have ever made, but the racing was so good last year that we felt it was the best option for this years edition of the Grand Nationals. The track map is available for download by clicking on this picture, or at the GN7 info page!

Important rules updates leading up to Grand Nationals 7

Grand National 7 will arguably be the largest 4-cycle race in many years. To ensure the most equal playing field possible, CKNA has decided to roll out two rule changes that had been planned for the 2024 season ahead of this momentous event! Walbro carburetors: When it was first born, Walbro was the carburetor provider for all 206 engines. Some time around 2018, Briggs & Stratton changed the included carb to one that was manufactured by them. The decision was made to allow the older Walbro pieces in the rulebook. This was done so not to force competitors to have to buy and replace a carburetor they had just recently gotten with an engine package. Fast forward to 2023, and […]

The Grand Nationals 7 Page is up!

Its Time! With Grand Nationals 7 about six weeks away… we know you are all chomping at the bit to get registered and have all the information about the race. Your wait is almost over! We have relaunched the Grand Nationals page on the website, and updated the information for 2023. This includes the class structure, intended event format and pricing. We are in the final testing of the registration system, and will officially open registration by Tuesday the 22nd. When registering, please make sure to pick the size t-shirt you would like! Although fees for Grands did go up a little bit this year, we will be offering an Early Bird discount to anybody that registered for a CKNA […]