GN4 Track Layout

After a lot of deliberation, the decision has been made to run GN4 on the same configuration as last years edition of the race. Although our earlier visit to NCMP offered us the opportunity to explore some new configurations, we wanted to make sure that the layout used for this important event was well suited create the tight racing we saw last year, as well allow for large fields to compete safely. We do have two other layouts in consideration for 2021, and can say with near certinty that GN5 WILL be on a new configuration!

CupKarts Live Stream returns for 2020 Grand Nationals

We’re pleased to confirm that the 2nd installment of CupKarts Live will be broadcast once again from New Castle Motorsports Park for Grand Nationals 4! Returning as our broadcast provider will be ISC Sports, one of Indiana’s leading sports broadcasting companies. GN3 was their first venture into kart racing, and they we;re thrilled with the oppratunity to return to televise our event again! There will be multiple places to watch Grand Nationals 4 if you are unable to attend the race. We will be setting up live streams on Facebook, and ISC’s streaming service as well. This means that your friends and family can root you on while you race! If you’d like to see some of last years action, […]

Added qualifying session for late arrivals

Even though the rumor mill had been churning for quite some time regarding us moving to a Friday Qualifying format in 2020, the announcement caught some people off guard. Unexpectedly, this meant that a handful of people were put into a position where they may not be able to attend. There have been a few people that have reached out to tell us that for a multitude of reasons, taking the extra day off of work was not an option. Quite a few of them sited the Corona Virus restrictions at work, in which their employers had blocked off any additional days off requests. Given these crazy times, we wanted to figure out a way to make sure that these […]

Class adjustment for GN4

In an earlier press release, we announced the addition of an Ignite class to the Grand Nationals 4 schedule. We regret to inform everybody that the decision has been made to remove the class from the event. We have received many requests over the years to add this class to the largest 4-cycle only event of the season. This year’s schedule volatility due the Corona virus pandemic caused many events to be canceled, including events that a number of these racers planned to attend. Knowing that the racers for this class had far fewer opportunities to run large events in 2020, we added the class. We felt we had the room to accommodate them due to the adjustment in our […]

GN4 Class announcement and Schedule Change

We are just over a month away from the 4th running of Cup Karts North America’s Grand Nationals, and it’s time to start laying out the event structure and format for 2020. Each year, the event has evolved from the previous based on feedback from our officials and racers. Based on the feedback, we will run Qualifying on Friday this year, after practice concludes. This will allow us the flexibility in the schedule needed to accommodate more racers, split large classes and deal with weather delays if they occur. Here is a general outline of the weekends activities: Thursday –  Move in day (Registration, Pre-Tech and Tire Pickup open) Friday –  Practice Rounds and Qualifying (Registration, Pre-Tech and Tire Pickup […]