GN5 Supplemental rules and schedule

We’ve already blown past the 300 entry mark! We’re less than 2 weeks away from the start of the biggest 4-cycle race of 2021, and we know you have all been itching for the schedule and supplemental rules. WAIT NO MORE… Although we encourage all of you to read through the supps completely, here are the highlights: Our format has been finalized! Based on the feedback we got from our racers, GN5 will feature a 2-Heat format this year. And even though we have added a class and what looks to be a lot more racers, we will still be close to the same total amount of track time for competitors as 2020! We will finalize the race length closer […]

Branding Speed is giving away free entry to GN6!

Cup Karts North America is proud to announce that Branding Speed, the new book by Fritz Wilke about how to brand and market your club racing team, will be sponsoring Grand Nationals 5 at New Castle Motorsports Park!  Branding Speed is the #1 New Release in Motorsports on Amazon! Order Branding Speed on Amazon and bring it with you to Grand Nationals 5 and Fritz will sign it for free! In addition, each book Fritz signs at Grand Nationals 5 will have the owner’s name entered into a drawing to win a free entry to next year’s Grand Nationals 6!  Go see Fritz Wilke under the Noah Stark Engine Works tent, get your book signed and get entered to win! […]

Tech Update: Kart Numbers

CKNA’s new number decals are only a buck! In an effort to better officiate our events and make sure calls are made quickly and correctly, CKNA will be REQUIRING specific kart number characteristics for all events moving forwards, beginning with Grand Nationals 5. Having nearly 300 entries with over 2 weeks to go means we’re going to have a lot of karts to watch! Our requirement will be black numbers on either a white or yellow background. Karts will have to have the correct number meeting these requirements on all 4 ends of the kart (Front, Back and both sides). Letters don’t count, so if they’re there please take them off! We are not requiring you to buy these from […]

Tech Updates: Rear Bumpers

There are no changes to our rear bumper rules, but with the number of questions we have received about them since our reminder that the “Gold Cup” style bodywork is no longer permitted, we thought it a good idea to remind everybody what is legal for a rear bumper! There is also a clarification on how this is tech’d. So here’s the CKNA Rules on rear bumpers: Rear Bumpers All karts must have either a CIK plastic rear bumper, or a “full width” steel bar style bumper consisting of at least 2 horizontal bars between the frame rails (additionally, see “Metal Double Bar Bumper below). Single bar bumpers are not allowed. Bumper must be at least 1” rearward of the […]

Tech Updates: BODYWORK

As we come closer to the Grand Nationals… we will be posting some tech updates and bulletins to try and make sure everybody is compliant with rules as they are written in our rule books. Our first installment: CIK Bodywork for all classes: This is a simple reminder that the “Gold Cup Style” bodywork has now been retired from competition in CKNA events. We set the date for this over a year ago so it should come as no surprise to any of our competitors. Grand Nationals 5 will be CKNA’s first race with only CIK bodywork in all classes. CIK Drivers Fairings: K.G. USA has recently began distributing their new 507 drivers panel. As of now that panel is […]

Here’s some of the updates to the Grand Nationals Program for 2021

As the Grand Nationals continues to break records each year, we are continuing to identify ways of making the event bigger and better as well as raise the level of competition. Here are some of the changes for 2021: Thursday Practice: While we are still ironing out the event schedule to accommodate the 400+ racers we are anticipating, one thing is clear… we need to allow more time for practice! Thursday September 30th will now be an optional practice day available to all competitors. Friday Qualifying returns: Last year was the first time that CKNA held any scored sessions on a Friday. It was a huge success, so we plan to once again hold Qualifying on Friday. If you are […]

AEM Karting: Co-Presenting sponsor of Grand Nationals 5

AEM Karting has been one of CKNA’s largest supporters this year. Not only were they a presenting sponsor of the Spring Nationals and the North Divisional series, they have also signed up to be the Co-Presenting sponsor of Grand Nationals 5! Lead by team principal Chris Surdenik and lead driver Mick Gabriel, AEM has had a hugely successful year with CKNA. Sure, they have recorded numerous wins in 2021. But if you ask Chris and Mick, they are even more proud of the multiple drivers whom have raced under their tent this season and recorded the best performances of their karting careers while racing with the AEM team. They attribute this success to the hands on work they are able […]

Nitro Karts: GN5 Co-Presenting Sponsor

Nitro karts has been a dominate force at CKNA events over the past years with multiple race wins and class championships by their fleet of youth drivers. Their boldest statement came at Grand Nationals 4, where they locked out all 5 spots on the podium at the largest 4-cycle race of the year. A first ever in Grand Nationals history! Nick Tucker and the Nitro Karts team are doubling down on their efforts to dominate the Grand Nationals in 2021. Part of that effort includes bringing more drivers and families to the Grand Nationals to help the event continue to grow. That is why Nitro Karts has decided to be one of our Co-Presenting sponsors for GN5! Nitro’s “Cadets Only” […]