2015 Series Information Finally Starts To Go Live!

I want to thank everybody for their patience in getting the details of our 2015 season published. Over the next week, I hope to have all the information available to you.

As you can see throughout our site, we will have a four race schedule featuring Dousman, Eau Claire, Norway/Sheridan and Shawanno! These tracks were selected for many reasons, most importantly that they wanted us to come! All of the track owner/operators of these facilities have worked along side us to put a package together that not only benefits everybody involved, but also helps to grow the 206 Programs at their tracks.

Many other tracks were considered, but we had to narrow it down to four. Thank you to those tracks that we were not able to add to the schedule in 2015 that wanted us to come. We felt that these four tracks had all the amenities our racers want, and are well located in relation to a large number of 206 racers. They are also close enough together that most will be able to afford to travel to each of the four races.

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