CKNA’s 2019 Rules and Class structure are set

We’re pleased to announce that our 2019 Rules and Class structure are now available online!

Click here to download them!

And remember, our rules are 100% free of charge to everybody, thanks to the continued support of VEGA Tires.



Although there were numerous changes to correct grammatical errors as well as clarifications, here is a brief outline of the more significant changes:

  • Masters Class goes to CIK rules only
  • Kid Kart goes to CIK rules only
  • Removing the CIK front bumper width rules
  • Rear track-width/bodywork measurements and procedures

As you can see, the majority of the work was done on our CIK rules structure. As we have always stated, the CIK rules are a work in progress. CIK was first offered as a full time class last season, and we knew our rules would need some tweaking to make sure they best fit the majority of our customers in a fair way. Although very few changes we’re made, we believe the changes we did make are all in the spirit of providing fair and equal competition competitors while still keeping them as simple as possible.

The most notable adjustment was changing Masters to a CIK only class. We understand that this change does force some people to buy new bodywork. Please understand we very carefully considered this decision for the better part of a year. The last thing we ever want to do is dictate how a racer needs to spend their money. Ultimately, we felt that the Masters class had great potential to grow based on the feedback received from racers around the US and Canada, and the this move would bride the gap needed to grow the class exponentially. Furthermore, given our Senior Heavy class remains an open bodywork/seat class, everybody still has a place to race regardless of their bodywork.

As a “stop-gap”, we are allowing Masters to use any style seat throughout the Champions Cup divisional season. Changing bodywork is easy, but changing seats can take more time and planning. We wanted to give everybody time to make the change and spread the cost out more through the season as well. CIK seats will not be required in Masters until Grand Nationals III.

You will also notice that the format for Grand Nationals III is not in the book yet! After alot of feedback from our racers, we have decided to adjust the entire format including qualifying and how it impacts the entire weekend. We are still sorting through all the options for that event, and will update the rule book accordingly once a final decision is made.

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