2020 CKNA rules now available

We have released version 20.0 of the CKNA rules. We ask that all of our racers download a FREE COPY and review all of the changes. To make life simple, any changes are in red print.

Here is a list of the most major changes that we feel should be highlighted:

  • Conduct: This section has been added to our rules, to spell out how the series expects it’s participants to behave on a race weekend and online. It’s important to note, this was not added because we had a problem that needed to be addressed. But as the series hosting larger and larger events each year, it is important to provide this guideline to help maintain the family friendly atmosphere we have always had.
  • Practice Penalties: We want to make sure that everybody understands that race penalties can be issued in any session, including a Friday practice. CKNA staff members will be on-site to ensure that track and conduct rules are followed any time karts are on track.
  • Spark Plugs: In addition to the new rules from Briggs regarding the Autolite AR3910X plug, CKNA has added an additional minimum gap measurement. This is an effort to further re-enforce the standards that Briggs is striving to achieve with the new plug.
  • Clutches: Determining the manufacture of a driver is too difficult. Therefore, as the driver appropriately fits the legal clutch drum, it will be allowed.
The section related to the 2020 Grand Nationals format has also been removed for the time being. 2020’s format will be very similar to 2019, but we have identified a few improvements we can make, and will announce those closer to October.
Spring Nationals are only a few weeks away…  Get your karts ready, 2020 is going to be the biggest year yet!

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