206 Cup/CES Challenge

About a month ago, CES organizer Dave Larson reached out to us. Although the main purpose for the phone call was to compare notes on rules to make sure racers from CES could join the fun of 206 Cup, it got the ball rolling on the idea of the 206 Cup / CES Challenge.

As both series unintentionally had non conflicting schedules, it seemed possible. Already having a good following of Animal Racers, CES hopes to gain interest from racers using the 206 engine. 206 Cup hopes that some of the Animal racers that traditionally only run long track events will come and try their hand at sprint racing.

Once Briggs got wind of our discussions, things started to happen very quickly. In a show of support, Briggs offered two separate incentives for each of the groups of racers:

206 racers will get half off their entry fee at the CES opener at Blackhawk. This means that the same $55 that gets you racing at a 206 Cup event will get you in at the CES opener.

Animal Racers who attend the Blackhawk farms event will be entered to win one of five $100 cash prizes in the “Briggs Pill Pull”.

We would like to thank CES and Briggs for helping to make all of this possible. It is a good opportunity for both Series to attract new racers, and a great chance for the racers to try out something they may not have planned on before. Also, for 206 racers that want to shake down their karts before our opener at Badger Kart Club, here is a great chance for that!

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