In an effort to help grow the younger ranks in our series as well as clubs throughout the region, we have decided to add Briggs Kid Kart to the series for the 2017 season.

To be honest, this is a fast moving plan. The details are not all worked out yet, but here is what we know for sure. We will follow traditional Briggs Kid Kart rules and all drivers will be on Vega VAH tires. We will announce a minimum weight in the coming days. Our intention is to treat this just like any other points class.

For sure, we plan to offer the class at Road America and Badger Kart Club, as they have a good following already for the class. We want to offer the class at as many tracks as the racers would like to visit, so we are asking any interested parents to contact us via facebook or email and let us know what tracks you would like to see 206 Kid Kart offered at.

We want to see all our youth class flourish, and installing this important building block to the series makes a lot of sense.

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