The final event of the season is only a few weeks away, and we want to go out with a bang. We have already been working on a great spread of awards and prizes for our series competitors in celebration of the 2016 season, but felt like we wanted to do something special to really attract some new racers as well as reward our existing ones. What we have come up with is a new class that will be added at our final race in Shawano, WI;

Senior Pro will follow all the same rules of our existing senior classes, but race at 370 pounds.

This race will have a cash payout! For the first time in the history of our series, we will race for cold hard cash. In fact, we are guaranteeing a minimum $1000 to win! We are still finalizing some of the details, but here is what we know for sure:
Racing format will consist of Qualifying (4 laps), a Pre-Final (8 laps) and the Final (20 laps!). As of right now, we are planning on holding Qualifying and the Pre-Final on Saturday, and the Feature as the final race on Sunday.

In the event that we receive more than 30 entries, the format will slightly change. Two groups will be formed by qualifying times. Pre-Final A will be made up of all drivers qualifying in an odd numbered position; and Pre-Final B will be made up drivers from the even numbered positions. The top 10 drivers from each Pre-Final will transfer to the Feature, with the remaining drivers competing in a Last Chance Qualifier Sunday afternoon for 5 more spots at the rear of the Feature. Starting order for the feature will be determined first by finishing position in the Pre-Finals, then by best laptime.

There will be two different entry fees for the race. Any person registering for the class whom is also racing in one of our regular points classes for the weekend will pay $100 to enter 206 Senior Pro. If a driver wishes to only race in Pro, their entry fee will be $200.

Not only is 206 Cup guaranteeing a minimum $1000 to win, but we’re also paying back 100% of the entry fees in Senior Pro to the purse!

As the purse grows from more entries, we will begin paying back further through the field. We are guaranteeing to pay the winner a minimum of $1000 regardless of the number of entries, but this will most likely go up as we anticipate to have plenty of competitors for this one off event.

An event flyer will be released next week, and we’d really appreciate the help of our competitors and supporters to get the word out. We’ve had a great season, and want to finish off with the largest event yet

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