Registration for our first Night Race ever is now open

Some of the coolest races in NASCAR and Formula 1 are the Night Races they have sprinkled throughout each seasons schedule. The added element of racing under the lights seems to change the feel of each track, and always provides for close racing.

When we approached the owners of 61 Kartway about hosting our first Night Race, they jumped at the opportunity. Their track has excellent lighting, which provides the thrill of racing under the stars while still being safe.

If you look over the schedule for this event (DOWNLOAD SCHEDULE HERE), you’ll see that we are also having a late practice on Friday. This will allow all of our racing families to leave home a little bit later, and at least get a feel for racing as the sun sets towards the end of the day. For Saturday, our goal is to get all the feature races completed “under the lights”. Obviously, we are a little at the mercy of mother nature, as we don’t want to be racing into the wee hours of the morning. Sunday, it’s back to our traditional time table.

Also, please note that fuel for this event will be sold AT THE TRACK! As we have had confusion every year at 61 Kartway about which gas station to use, the owners of the track are bringing in fuel for our racers to buy from them. Price will be $3.50 per gallon. Please make your fuel purchases before qualifying on Saturday.

Registration is open, so get yourself locked into to this landmark event!



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