Another Karting Giant Shows Their Support!

As the word spreads about the 206 Cup, more and more people are reaching out to show their support of our series and the idea of affordable karting for the masses. This week, one of the biggest names in karting has joined the ranks. RLV Tuned Exhaust!

Based in Santa Maria CA, RLV has been a household name in karting. From their PRD Fireball engine to Xtreme Chain systems, they have been pioneering karting products for many many years. They are also the manufacture of the SPEC exhaust for 206 engines throughout the world. RLV manufactures all steel and aluminum based products in-house and thereby ensures high quality and stability of supply to the karting market, for these products.

RLV is more than an engineering and manufacturing facility. RLV supports and promotes karting by sponsoring club, regional, and national racing coast to coast. In our talks with RLV ownership, it was great to hear the kind words of encouragement for our series and the path we are taking. They understand what we are trying to do, and are backing us on the journey.

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