Calling all Home Track Hero’s

After doing this for 5 years, it seems like we have the same discussion with our host tracks each season… “How do we get more of the locals to come out and race?” Back in the good ole’ days, when the traveling series came to town, locals came out on droves to defend their home turf and try their skills against the big boys.

There’s a plenty of reasons why the locals don’t come out more often, but the one we hear the most is the added costs for entry fees and tires because it’s not what they use for their clubs. Well, we’ve solved it… Introducing the Home Track Hero Callout!

To be eligible, drivers can not have competed at any of our divisional events in 2017 or 2018 unless they only competed at their home track. To call a track your home track, you must have scored points in 3 separate events at the tracks local club races. This is for our divisional program only.

If a Home Track Hero gets onto the podium, we’ll refund their entire weekends entry fee.

If a Home Track Hero takes the win, well refund their entry fee AND pay for their tires as well!


So you can race for the price of your wristbands and gas. How’s that sound? We’re calling every 206 racer out that races at any of the tracks we visit. We want to see you at the track!

Download the flyer, and share it with all your fellow racers! Help make your local Champions Cup event the biggest one yet!

Home Track Hero Callout flyer


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