Camden Race Information

We’re one week away from Kart Cup’s return to the hallowed grounds of G&J Kartway in Camden, OH for the final round of the Champions Cup – Boon and Sons Central Division! This is going to be a great race. We’ve already heard from many “old time” four cycle racers that they will be making the trip to race on this famous track, many whom have not shown their face at a regional race for quite some time.

They are picking a great race to make a return to. Camden offers everything a four cycle racer would want, and with this being our second ever night race what more could anybody want!

Registration will remain open until through the 25th without late fees. We do ask that if you want to purchase tires with registration, you have that completed by the 22nd, as we will be having the tires shipped directly to the track. Jerry from Michigan Kart Supply will also have tires available at the track.

This being a night race, the schedule is a little different than our usual, so please make sure to look over the Schedule and Supplemental Rules. Note that we will also be using the tracks fuel supply instead of driving into town for fuel.

Awards for the Central Division will be held at the Cup Karts North American Grand Nationals at New Castle at the end of September!

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