CKNA Rulebook rev22 is now available

We’re always trying to get better. Rulebook rev22 is the first update for this year, and the main changes are to clarify some procedural issues that cropped up throughout the past few seasons:

  • Having correct numbers has been added as a pre-tech item
  • 90 second rule re-clarified
  • The starting procedure from Grand Nationals 5 becomes permanent
  • How drivers are scored if a race is declared official
  • Requirement to compete (no more strategically skipping a heat!)
  • Must attempt to make weight for the class
  • Lapped traffic in Divisionals will receive Blue Flags
  • Lapped Traffic at a National in Sportsman and Junior will be removed
  • Engine change policy limited to one engine change

This won’t be the last update for 2022, but we wanted to get these procedural adjustments in print prior to Round 2 of the Cup Karts South Division at Monticello. Always make sure to check in to the CKNA Rules page to make sure your copy of the FREE ruebook is up to date!

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