CKNA Rules revision 22.1 has been released!

From time to time, we feel it necessary to revise some rules mid-season in an effort to improve the efficiency of our events as well as the experience for the competitors. With five races already under our belts for 2022, we found a few things we wanted to improve upon for our racers!

Other than some clarifications and house keeping, here’s an outline of the changes. Please make sure to download rev22.1 of the rules ASAP so you can read the full details of all the changes:

Canada exceptions: As we launch the Canadian Division in just a few weeks, there are some differences in both class structure and safety requirements. Those will be detailed in the Canadian Supplemental rules.

Practice Ban: This was actually announced at North Round 1, but it is now officially in the book. Practice at tracks prior to an event is no longer permitted beginning the Monday before an event.

Kid Kart Starting Procedure: We have been working with the Kid Kart families to try and improve the starts for these up and coming racers. Since we want the kids to focus more on their race craft and less on formation laps, we have simplified the starting procedure for the kiddo’s!

Video Review: Since our inception, CKNA has not offered any type of video review for our competitors for a variety of reasons. As the program has grown and the technology has become affordable and accessible to everybody; we have decided to begin implementing this as an option for our racers. Therefore we are piloting a new Video Review process in the NORTH DIVISION ONLY for the remainder of the 2022 season.

We took a lot of time looking through the processes that other series use for video review, as well as talking to racers that have gone through the process at those events. Based on that information and our own ideas, we came up with our own program that we feel meets the needs of our racers while still allowing us to run an event efficiently and on time. As this is a pilot program, we anticipate having to adjust it through out the year.

Our goal is to determine if this is the best way forward, and have a rock solid set of guidelines for video review for the 2023 season that all Divisions and National events will utilize.

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