CKNA Rules update: v21.1 has been published

From time to time, we feel it necessary to update or clarify our rules to better serve our racers. After completing 4 events so far in 2021, a few minor tweaks have been made. Although we highly recommend you download yourself a fresh copy of v21.1, there is really nothing major changed. Here are the highlights, along with brief explanations of why we felt this was necessary:

Practice grid starting positions may be determined by race officials:

At our last event at CHMS, we saw competitors lining up nearly 30 min early for practice. Now there’s nothing “wrong” with that, but we just don;t like the idea of people feeling that it is necessary. Therefor, classes that we feel it necessary for will have posted starting grid orders for the weekend for practice sessions.

Position penalties on starts:

This is not a new rule, but more of a re-write to help us control starts in a timely fashion. Our race crew refers to this as the “West Coast” rule. Essentially, if a racer is identified as violating starting procedures but the flag man throws the green anyways, a 2 position penalty can be issued. This includes outside pole being ahead of pole at the start.

Repairs during a red flag:

While still only possible to correct a safety ONLY issue, a parent may be allowed to assist a child in a safety repair during a red flag. For example, a drivers fairing is bent into the steering wheel. It is not reasonable to expect a 7-year-old- to be able to bend that out of the way.

Format Changes:

As we announced earlier today, we at times may need to deviate from the Divisional Event Format as listed in the rulebook. Every effort will be made to notify racers of this as early as possible.

Kid Kart Slide and Rain Rules

We have long had a typo in our rulebook AND on the classes page of the website for quite some time for Kid Kart slide requirements. We have finally corrected that to the proper part number and .310″ opening measurement.

Kid Karts will now race in the rain just like the big kids! This decision comes after a few discussions at the tracks with parents throughout the year. As more and more clubs are racing in the rain, many of the families are already prepared for this. Furthermore, as the level of competition grows, families don’t want to be excluded from competition simpy because the weather took a turn. Kid Karts will be required to run 4.2 Vega rain tires on all four corners of the kart to be eligable for competition.

That’s it! Like we said, nothing changing that should ruffle many feathers. Make sure to download your updated rulebook FOR FREE by visiting

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