CKNA Updates, Registration open for Road America

There’s quite a bit to talk about as the 2020 season starts to wind down. So here’s an update about all things CKNA:.

First and foremost, we’ve had quite a few inquiries about the well being of the Junior driver that was injured in Sunday’s feature race. We are happy to say he is home and doing well! He had a follow up visit with his regular physician that also went very well, and we hope to see the entire family back at the track very soon!

The 2020 season is already winding down, and we have just opened registration for our final Champions Cup Divisional race at Road America in Elkart Lake, WI! This will be the first time in nearly 3 years the series has returned to the famed Wisconsin facility!

Just like we did for MRP, Pit reservations for the event will be handled through our online registration system. Based on the feedback, we made a few minor tweaks to streamline the process a bit, and hope everybody continues to enjoy this simplified way of choosing their pit spots. To simplify things, camping will be included at no additional fee with every pit reservation.

Those of you that have raced at Road America before know there are a few differences when racing at a facility like this. One key point is that there will be limited gate hours,. Overnight arrivals will not be able to enter the facility until the soon to be published gate hours. You will be able to lien up along the road leading to Gate 4 if the gates are not open.

We are working to have a few hours available on Thursday before the event to allow for early arrivals. We will get these hours out to everybody a soon as possible, and encourage you to plan accordingly.

All the results from MRP have now been uploaded to Speedhive. As you will see, there are some tight points battles heating up going into this final weekend. Although our race crew does not pay much attention to points, they are all aware that the stakes will be higher at this event than any other this season and are dedicated to officiating a fair and safe race in all classes. We encourage all of our drivers to once again review the rules on Sportsmanship and driving conduct prior to the event to ensure that everybody knows what is expected of them on the track. We also ask the parents of the younger drivers to talk with their younger drivers about these expectations.

It’s been a great season for CKNA so far. Dispite the Corona Virus, we have been able to safely hold some of the most exciting races we ever have! We want to finish the divisional schedule strong, so spread the word, invite your friends, and let’s have a great conclusion to the 2020 Champions Cup!

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