Class adjustment for GN4

In an earlier press release, we announced the addition of an Ignite class to the Grand Nationals 4 schedule. We regret to inform everybody that the decision has been made to remove the class from the event.

We have received many requests over the years to add this class to the largest 4-cycle only event of the season. This year’s schedule volatility due the Corona virus pandemic caused many events to be canceled, including events that a number of these racers planned to attend. Knowing that the racers for this class had far fewer opportunities to run large events in 2020, we added the class. We felt we had the room to accommodate them due to the adjustment in our qualifying schedule and the phasing out of our Senior Open class. We wanted to offer a new opportunity to get back on the track this season for these racers.

However, we are honoring the request we have recently received from Margay Racing to remove the class from the Grand Nationals, in an effort to eliminate any potential confusion for their customers. Margay has done an excellent job developing the Ignite program, and the last thing we want to do is impede that.

Fortunately this allows us more flexibility in our schedule at the Grand Nationals, which we intend to utilize. By going down to just 7 classes this year, we are confident that we can remove any potential class registration caps without reducing any drivers track time. This means we won’t have to turn anybody away because a class has filled up! 

We are now rebuilding the schedule around this new 7 class structure, and we believe we will be able to accommodate as many as 4 classes being split into multiple flights. So even though we are anticipating the largest fields in the events history, we will be able to safely get everybody the same amount of track time as last year.

We will be releasing more and more details over the next week. Including this year’s track layout, available prizes and much more. Registration is now open for the Grand Nationals. Entry this year is $160, and there is a $15 per class discount for racers running multiple classes. We encourage you to register before September 21st to avoid a $30 late fee.

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