Cup Karts North Round 1 announcement!

For round 1 of the Cup Karts North Divisional Series, we will be returning to one of the most historic karting tracks in the Midwest… G&J Kartways!

G&J might not be a new track for CKNA, but we have not been able to return there for a few years now.  Our previous races there have been excellent, because this “Old School” style track rewards drivers who are able to negotiate both high speed sections as well a tight braking corners. It’s a great track for 4-cycle racing!

All though the date for this event had been announced at the Grand Nationals in 2021, we had not confirmed the location simply because we had not had a chance to solidify the date with the track when the schedule announcement had been made. But based on the phone calls we have received over the past months, it wasn’t a very well kept secret where Round 1 was going to be!

Although it has been a few years since we visited G&J, it’s a track we love to visit. It’s a track that’s history is apart of karting going back longer than most of our racers have been alive! The organization that races locally at the track is the Ohio Valley Karting Association, which is one of the longest operating karting groups in America.

Registration and pit reservations for this event will not start until a few weeks after Spring Nationals. We do recommend getting your hotel arrangements made ahead of time though. There are plenty of good hotels, but only a few in the closest town to the track.

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