CupKarts North R1 is just around the corner

It seems like only yesterday that we we’re gridding up for the first race at Charlotte Motor Speedway at the Spring Nationals. But weeks have passed, and we are now close to kicking off the CupKarts North Division! Thanks to the continued support of EK Chains and new sponsor AEM Karting who are sharing the Divisional Presenting sponsor duties this year, it looks lie this will be the biggest year to date!

Our first race will be held at a track familiar to opening the CKNA regular season, Concept Haulers Motor Speedway in Sheridan, IL. CHMS offers a challenging track with ample room to pass and elevation changes throughout the track. Last years race at this facility was canceled due to COVID, and we are very excited to return!

As this is a home race for our friends at AEM Karting, they have stepped up to offer us some additional help in hosting this race as the Event Sponsor!

Important notes about CupKarts North Round 1:

  –  We will be running the Legends Class

Early on, we had stated that we we’re weary about adding the Legends class and diluting the numbers already racing in our growing Masters class. However, we have received numerous emails from competitors that are new to CKNA stating they plan to join because of the new class. Therefore, we will offer the class and see if we can make it work! As we all know, it’s one thing to say your coming, and another to actually show up. Therefore, if Legends (or any class for that matter) fails to have enough entries on a given weekend, we may adjust the class order or schedule accordingly.

  –  Pit Reservations are now OPEN

We decided to take something off our plate for this event, and have asked the staff at CHMS to handle all Pit Reservations for our race. If you want to reserve parking, please contact the track. You will find their phone number and a pit map on the Concept Haulers Motor Speedway website.

  –  You can pre-pay for wristbands at CHMS

Local guidelines for the county that CHMS is located in require extremely minimal people inside enclosed areas, including their track-side shop. We will be setting up tables outside to facilitate driver check-in, wristbands and tire pickup. We all know the wristband line can be the longest wait, so CHMS has devised a way to pre-pay for wristbands over the phone. A separate line will be available to people that chose this method, and should save time for everybody!

  –  We need your tire orders ASAP

Shipping anything right now is a mess. We have been advised by VEGA to place our tire order at least one week earlier than we usually do to ensure that get them on time. Therefore, we are asking all of you that would like to order your tires through us to register for racing AND order your tires by the 18th. Yes, we always order extra, but if SpringNats are any indicator, we will most likely have a lot more competitors than we are preparing for!

Registration is OPEN!

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