eKartingnews.com joins forces with Cup Karts North America!

More exiting news about the 2019 season. We are very happy to announce that eKartingnews.com has joined forces with us to better promote our series and 4cycle karting in general! In case you have been living under a rock, eKartingnews is probably the largest single news and information source about all things related to karting.

We’ve always had a great relationship with Rob Howden and David Cole who are the faces of EKN, participating in multiple podcasts over the last few years about our series. For 2019, we’re taking it a few steps further! We have already started panning a few articles about the series that will be highlighted on EKN throughout the season, and race reports and recaps will be published by EKN after every event.

What makes this partnership so great is that Dave and Rob really get what we are trying to do. They are karters themselves,and spend as much time as they can driving any kart that they can squeeze themselves into, especially if it has a 206© bolted on!

We’re also extremely excited to announce that Rob and David will be onsite alongside our beloved series announcer Dave Macentyre, broadcasting live at GrandNationals III. This will be the first time that Cup Karts will broadcast an event live so your friends, families and sponsors can be apart of the action from anywhere in the world! We’re still working out the details, but rumor has it they will be competing in the event as well!


Spring Nationals are just 2 months away, and we can’t wait to get racing again!

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