Our best tire promotion ever!

That’s right, you can get free tires at the Spring Nationals at Concept Haulers!

We spent a lot of time this off season trying to figure out what programs and specials we could put together to attract more racers to our events. We also wanted to design some programs to reward our racers that attend every single CKNA event year in and year out. We’re very excited that through the help of our sponsors, we can do both!


New Racer Program:

Often times, people are tentative to try a new track or series because they have to buy a new/different set of tires. Now, these racers will be able to try the greatest four-cycle series in America for much less! This program reduces the already low cost of a brand new set of VEGA VAH tires to $90! That’s right, it’s more than a $100 savings!

To be eligible, you may only have competed in one CKNA event since 2017. This program will be available through our pre-registration system.


Free tires for full time racers:

So often, organizations spend all their time and money trying to reach new racers, and their diehard followers end up feeling left out. Not anymore!

Anybody that makes the commitment to race all five Champions Cup Divisional Races (CHMS, MRP, Dousman, 61 Kartway and G&J) by registering in advance for all 5 races will be rewarded with a brand new set of VEGA VAH tires to start the season off with! That’s right, you’ll save nearly $200 as a reward for your loyalty.


Are you a new racer that already knows your going to attend all 5 Champions Cup races? Congratulations, you qualify for BOTH programs!


All of these programs require you to pre-register. We are still finalizing our 2019 registration setup, so instructions on how to take advantage of either of these offers will be announced when registration opens on March 31st.


The fine print: Any racer registering for the “New Racer” program who does not qualify will be charged the remaining balance at registration prior to being allowed on the track.

Racers registering for the “Full Time Racer” program must register for all five divisional races. In the event that a racer requests a refund, the amounts will be prorated to our normal registration prices and refunded in the form of a series credit.

Thanks again to two amazing partners who helped make this program happen!

Without the commitment from VEGA, Concept Haulers and other various sponsors, we could never had put this program together!

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