GN4 Class announcement and Schedule Change

We are just over a month away from the 4th running of Cup Karts North America’s Grand Nationals, and it’s time to start laying out the event structure and format for 2020. Each year, the event has evolved from the previous based on feedback from our officials and racers.

Based on the feedback, we will run Qualifying on Friday this year, after practice concludes. This will allow us the flexibility in the schedule needed to accommodate more racers, split large classes and deal with weather delays if they occur. Here is a general outline of the weekends activities:

  • Thursday –  Move in day (Registration, Pre-Tech and Tire Pickup open)
  • Friday –  Practice Rounds and Qualifying (Registration, Pre-Tech and Tire Pickup open)
  • Saturday –  Warm up and Heat Races
  • Sunday –  Warm up, Last Chance Qualifiers (if needed) and Feature Races
To be clear, there will still be no practice allowed before Friday at New Castle. We will be working closely with the track management to ensure that no entries are permitted to practice in the days leading up to the Grands.
The awards ceremony for the 2020 Champions Cup season will still take place Friday night at NCMP
All Podiums for the Grand Nationals will take place after post tech is completed in all classes.

We’re hoping that the restrictions scheduled to lift (just in time) will allow the Canadian and Mexican racers to compete along side us again in 2020. But as they are constantly changing, we will allow no cost cancellations to all Canadian and Mexican competitors up until the day of the event.

Don’t hesitate to register. Credit Cards are not charged until 5 days before the event.

Thankfully, this new scheduling allows us some flexibility in class sizes as well as the number of classes. This means we hope to be able to allow up to four classes to exceed the track maximum instead of just one like last year. The actual number of entries permitted before a class is split will vary by age group.


Kids and Sportsman classes will run 4.6/4.6 VAH in the dry, 4.2/4.2 w5 or w6 in the wet

Junior and all Senior classes will run 4.6/6.0 VAH in the dry, and 4.2/6.0 w5 or w6 in the wet

This weekend, our Grand Nationals information page will go live. It will include registration information, track layout and much much more. We will also be announcing some of the prizes and giveaways including the details on the VLR Chassis we will be raffling off at the Grands!

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