Grand Nationals 3 Format

One of the biggest questions all year long has been, “What will the race format for Grand Nationals 3 be?”

Well the wait is over… here is the format for the biggest 4-cycle event of 2019:

  • Qualifying
  • 3 Heat races
  • Features

So how will it all work?

Qualifying will set the grids for Heat 1. Heat 1’s finish will set the strting order of Heat 2. Heat 2’s Finish will set the starting order for Heat 3.

“Heat Points” will be awarded for the finishing positions in each Heat race. These points will be totaled, and used to set the grid for the Feature.

The Feature will be winner take all for the title of Grand National Champion!

Our hope is that this format is much easier to understand than last years format, and also allows a racer to have a “bad race” and still have a chance at a decent starting position in the main event.

We will be updating the CKNA rulebook with all the details on how the heat points will work and all the other adjustments needed for Grand Nationals 3.

Registration will open to the public on Saturday, August 31st!

Due to the high demand for this event, we will be enforcing strict caps on all classes. It is imperative you get yourself registered early to guarantee yourself a spot in the largest 4-cycle event of the year!

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