Important clarification on 206 clutches

Today, Briggs and Stratton came out with a technical bulletin regarding a new clutch that became available earlier this year.  Briggs Rule Clarification

The clutch in question had previously been permitted at CKNA events in 2019. However, now that Briggs has officially deemed it as non-complaint, we too must follow suit. Effective immediately and until further notice, they will not be permitted for use in competition.

Even though our series has it’s own rule book, we have always followed the official Briggs & Stratton rule set of the 206 for all items addressed including the Engine, Exhaust and Clutches. These rules have provided an extremely level playing field for our competitors and has been apart our success, as well as the growth and sustainability of karting as a whole.

According to the press release from Briggs, this is a fluid situation which they are actively working on. We will do our best to stay informed of any additional decisions or changes made regarding clutches, and pass them on to you as soon as possible.


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