Introducing: Cup Karts Canada!

Today, we get to make one of the biggest announcements we have ever made… we are pleased to officially announce the launch of Cup Karts Canada!

As CKNA continues to grow, we have been looking for new regions that already have die-hard Briggs racers that would appreciate our trademark family friendly 4-cycle only events.. Canada has been on the top of the list for a few years due to the many 4-cycle drivers already racing there, and the high caliber of drivers that compete in the category throughout the country.

The dream of bringing CKNA events to Canada began to become a reality at the beginning of the year. CKNA owners Greg Jasperson and Steve Vermeer sat down with long time friend and Canadian Karting contact Gerald Caseley at Winter Nationals to touch base on multiple topics regarding both the Canadian and US karting markets. Shortly into those meetings, the concept of uniting both countries under a singular set of rules became the main topic of discussion. Everybody agreed that the benefits to the racers on both side of the border were huge. Only three weeks later, the decision was made to launch our third Divisional Series, Cup Karts Canada.

We are extremely pleased to welcome Gerald Caseley to the CKNA family as the Cup Karts Canada Director. Gerald is a fixture in the Canadian Karting community, and a highly respected expert in Briggs racing.

Gerald and his team will be working side by side the CKNA National staff to develop and run the Cup Karts Canada Division.

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For the 2022 season, Cup Karts Canada will be hosting two divisional races. Event 1 will be June 24th-26th and Event 2 will be July 22nd-24th. More details about the Canadian Division will be announced in the coming weeks, including the locations of the two 2022 races.

Just like CKNA has done in the past, there will be some rules accommodations for the Canada Division. Those details are still being sorted to ensure that the only deviations from the main CKNA rules are ones that will assist the drivers in the Canadian market transition into the series. The long term goal is to have one universal set of rules for all CKNA drivers at all events.

We can’t tell you how excited we are for the opportunity to host events in Canada. Over the years, we have been pleased to get to know many competitors from Canada who have participated in our races in America. The passion for the sport these competitors showed was infectious. They truly appreciate the sport and the joy it brings them and their families. Having the opportunity to unite these two great karting communities is a great honor we coulnd;t pass up.

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