Kid Kart Weight Update

A few days ago, we announced the 2020 class structure. Part of that announcement was weight adjustments for a few classes. Shortly there after, we received a few messages from Kid Kart parents asking us to further investigate the base weight of the Kid Kart class.

An email was sent to all competitors from our last event in 2019 to get more data. Since it is still early enough, we wanted to make sure we did due diligence to evaluate the class minimum weights and make sure they are representative of tracks in our region AND the racers at our events.

Two things became evidently clear. First, there is very little consistency in how local tracks are structuring their Kid Kart programs. From weight to engines, every track seems to be just a little different.

Secondly, the MAJORITY of our racers were running well over the weight last year; regardless of age, chassis type etc. Of the responses we received, over 80% of them were at least 15 lbs over the minimum!

Based on this information, we agree that a change should be made. And since CKNA has no boards, committees or other potentially cumbersome structure, we were able do do this very quickly.

For 2020, Kid Kart weight has been increased to the following:

  • Kid Kart Chassis = 200 lbs
  • Cadet Chassis = 215 lbs

We believe this change makes for a more level playing field for our drivers. The last thing we want is for kids this young to think about having a potential disadvantage solely based on their weight. The kids and their parents should be focused on refining their race craft and skills as drivers and mechanics. And of course, HAVING FUN AS A FAMILY!


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