Last Chance in 2020 for Senior Open

When CKNA started all those years ago, we developed the rulebook to mix the traditional 4-stroke bodywork with the more modern CIK style. It worked well, and we had great events everywhere we went. As the CIK bodywork became more prevalent, we added CIK specific classes to accommodate the racers that preferred not to race against the other style bodywork for a variety of reasons.

As the years have passed, many of the racers have changed over to CIK, and the number of traditional bodywork karts have dwindled. Still, we promised that we would have a place for these racers to race so long as they kept coming.

Fast forward today, we had to cancel the first class in CKNA history before an event, the Senior Open Class. We had ZERO pre-registrations for the class a little over a week before the NCMP event.

Because we gave our word to give these racers every opportunity to race, we are still offering the class at our next event at MRP. We are giving you all one last chance to tell us if this class needs to remain apart of the Champions Cup Divisional Series. However, if we do not receive a minimum of 6 pre-entries by July 18th, the class will be canceled for the remainder of the 2020 season.

Since CKNA does not charge credit cards for registration fees until the 2 days before the event, anybody that registers for this class will be allowed to either change classes or have their registration voided before any credit cards are actually charged.

Due to this pending deadline, we will be holding off on releassing a class order and timeline until we determine if the Senior Open class will be apart of the MRP event.

The fate of traditional bodywork in CKNA is in your hands. As we have always said, we would find a way to accommodate the traditional bodywork as long as the racers showed up to support it. But as less and less karts are using it, it is becoming clear that the karting community may have already made the decision for us.

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