Letter regarding Bushnell disqualification

There has been lengthy discussions popping up in multiple places online regarding a disqualification that took place at round 4 of the Cup Karts South series at Bushnell Motorsports Park. While we usually do not comment publicly on any decisions made in tech, this incident in particular has seemed to cause a lot of confusion and misinformation about CKNA, Cup Karts South and the rules that we’re enforced.

The infraction causing disqualification was a foreign object being placed in the fuel line between the pump and carburetor with the obvious purpose of altering fuel delivery. While not specifically called out in either the Briggs & Stratton book or our own rules, this was deemed illegal because of the following reasons:

  • Briggs specifically says no fuel filter may be present in between the carburetor and the pump. Although this was not technically a fuel filter, it is clear that Briggs has identified that nothing should be placed in that location.
  • Briggs states in the carburetor section that no alterations unless specifically allowed are permitted to the carburetor. As this item was installed into the barb fitting on the carburetor, this would constitute an alteration.
  • Then of course the blanket rule stating, “Unless the rules state that you can do it, you cannot do it”. Obviously, nowhere does either rulebook state that adding something to the fuel system to alter fuel flow in this way is permitted.


CKNA does additionally outline some rules regarding fuel lines in our rulebook, however none of these rules we’re sited in the disqualification. The grounds of the disqualification we’re solely regarding the foreign object placed into the fuel inlet of the carburetor.

As far as the chain of events that transpired, Todd from TS Racing / Vega USA whom was assisting with tire scanning observed a mechanic slip something into his pocket while removing a carburetor for inspection. He brought this to the attention of our tech staff as anybody hopefully would. When that mechanic presented his carburetor for inspection, our officials notified him that it was seen and was not permitted. He was also informed that since our staff did not see it themselves or find it themselves, we would be unable to disqualify them for it. He was informed that if another kart came through with the same modification, it would of course be a disqualification.

This person did not argue the fact that the item was present in the carburetor or that he slipped it into his pocket. He did state that he had the same modifications on other engines competing. He was again told that these would not pass tech and he should correct this before the karts make it to tech.

Later that evening, another kart arrived in tech that had this modification. Whether because of time or unwillingness the illegal part was not removed prior to competing in the final race and tech was forced to disqualify this kart. To be clear… the first kart that the mechanic admitted the modification was present did not get disqualified because CKNA tech officials did not discover it present on the kart. The second kart was disqualified because officials we’re able to discover it on their own.

No request for review was filed at the track regarding this call by the mechanic or the family that was unfortunately affected by the presence of this modification.

Finally, Todd Spaude has no official OR unofficial involvement with the decision making at any CKNA event. As the owner of Vega USA, we took advantage of his presence to scan the tires that he provides to our racers. CKNA has utilized Vega staff many times in the past in this capacity and will continue to do so in the future. We think getting our sponsors directly involved only strengthens the bond between supplier and racer.

CKNA is directed by Greg Jasperson and Steve Vermeer only. We are a company of two that make all decisions and rules for CKNA. We have partnered with Bret Spaude to act as Series Director for Cup Karts South, a regional division of CKNA. Bret has been empowered to make decisions when required regarding the division that he oversees to ensure fair and enjoyable competition. However, interpretation and enforcement of the rules in Tech falls solely on CKNA’s Tech officials. CKNA had 2 of our National Level tech officials including Steve whom is our National Tech Director on site.

If anyone has questions about this, we advise them to contact us directly. CKNA has strict social media conduct guidelines outlined in our rulebook that are designed to protect racers, staff, sponsors and karting as a whole. Nobody benefits from things like this getting misconstrued online, especially the family that had no idea they were competing with an engine that had an illegal modification. We would hate for this to further spiral online and potentially cause somebody to receive disciplinary action simply because they felt like stirring the pot on social media.

We look forward to finishing the 2021 season strong at New Castle Motorsports Park with Grand Nationals 5, where we will be announcing the full 2022 schedule for Cup Karts North and Cup Karts South as well as our National events. Karting is continuing to grow despite the obstacles we are all dealing with these days, and CKNA is committed to continuing to host the most competitive family friendly karting events possible.

Thank you for your time,


Greg Jasperson and Steve Vermeer

Cup Karts North America

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