Mark Enderlein officially joins CKNA

We’re pleased to announce the newest addition to the Cup Karts North America staff, Mark Enderlein!

Mark will be serving as CKNA’s official Race Director for the Cup Karts North Division, as well as working side by side with Glen Firing at the Spring Nationals!


Mark is no stranger to karting. As the owner of River Lake racing, he served the karting community for over 30 years. Mark raced in nearly every category of karting including Flat Heads, KT100’s, TAG and 206. He is very proud of the 36 years of consecutive racing he was able to compete in! After making the decision to retire from racing and close both the race shop and the hardware stores he operated for so many years, he has decided to get back into the sport with Cup Karts.

Mark is an amazing addition to the team. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team that will be a great asset. He has organized many racing series and events throughout his career. He helped in the early years to develop the Northland Region Karting Association (NRKA) that still races in western Minnesota. He also organized or promoted numerous events under the name Showdown Productions, including street races and fundraising races that benefited the Arthritis Foundation all over the country from Minnesota to Washington DC.

Mark has worn about every hat at the racetrack there is. Yes he raced himself, but he also fostered the once young karting career of his son Chris who is regarded as one of the countries leading tuners. He also has served as a Race Director, a Tech Official and about every other task you can think of to put together a race. No matter the situation at the track, Mark has the knowledge and expierience to handle it.

We have worked hand in hand with Mark many times over the years, before Cup Karts was nothing more than a pipe dream. Mark, Steve and Greg sat on the same board of directors for the Midwest Karting Association in Wisconsin, an organization that fostered the careers of many successful racers.

Mark has been a trusted friend to us as we have grown Cup Karts . His input and guidance has been something we have relied on many times when making decisions about the organization.

We can’t begin to tell you how happy we are the Mark and his wife Kathy have decided to join the CKNA team this year. In a day and age where good people are hard to find, we are spoiled to add these two great individuals to the best crew in karting today!

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