New Racers Get Paid to Race at Camden, Ohio!

One of the things that makes running this series so great is the people we meet who share our love of karting and want to do whatever they can do help it grow. Our friends at G&J Kartway and OVKA are this type of people, and they have come up with an amazing offer to help encourage their local racers and anybody else who has never raced with 206 Cup before to join us in Camden on June 23rd – 25th!

So here’s the deal:
Any racers new to the series that buy a set of Vega VAH tires and race at Camden will receive a $20 rebate for each day they race! You read that right. All you have to do is show that you bought a new set of Vega VAH tires for the Camden event, and race! At the end of the weekend, the owners of the track will pay you back $20 for each day that you raced. You can make $40 for racing this weekend!

This offer is only available to racers that have not already competed in the 2017 season. To redeem your rebate from G&J Kartway, you will be asked to show your receipt for purchase of VEGA VAH tires. The idea here is to help offset the cost of buying tires to try our series

You can buy your tires from anybody. Tires will be available at the track from our event sponsor Michigan Kart Supply; or you can order them online from 206 Cup by clicking the BUY TIRES link at the top of the page!

There should be plenty of tires available at the track for the weekend, but we always recommend to call ahead or order online to reserve a set.

Although all of our tires rules are in our Rulebook, we have had a few questions about tires so we wanted to put all the answers here:

  • You can start Saturday or Sunday on New or Used tires
  • Vega VAH tires are required for all scored sessions (qualifying, heat races and features)
  • You do not need to run new tires each day
  • There are no minimum or maximum wheel widths. Use whatever suits your chassis best!
  • Although everybody is different, typical tire pressures are between 9 – 16 psi in the Vega VAH

We at 206 Cup would like to personally thank the OVKA family for their generosity in putting together this promotion. They came up with this all on their own, and when they offered it we were blown away. It is so gratifying to have partners like this helping our series grow.

Although this is our first visit to G&J Kartway, we are expecting to have a great turnout. Besides our series regulars and a large contingent of the OVKA locals, we have heard that racers are coming from as far as Tennessee and even Flordia! Our hope is that this generous offer from the folks at G&J Kartway will be the final nudge some people need to come ad see what all the buzz is about at a 206 Cup event!

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