On Set of Rules Across The Entire USA? It May Be Becoming A Reality!

First off, we’d like to wish everybody reading this a Merry Christmas!

Although it is a holiday, we wanted to let everybody in on some exciting news. We have been working for the last few months with different series and clubs around the country to try and align all of our groups to the same set of rules. For far too long, differences in rulebooks made it difficult for racers to travel to other regions. It was confusing to racers why things were different, and often far too costly to make their equipment compliant on top of the unavoidable costs of traveling to these new races.

Because of the tremendous success of our 2015 rulebook, we are extremely proud to announce that the 206 Cup rules have been named the official ruleset for all the 206 classes in the new ARKA American Sprint Cup Series featuring races across the entire United States!

We also have many more series and clubs that are very close to announcing that they too will be using our rulebook and class structure in 2016. Our hope is that by getting many different groups on the same rules, that new racers and existing racers alike will gravitate to the 206 classes because they are simple to understand and can race competitively anywhere in the country!

Our 2016 Rulebook will be made available to the public shortly after the first of the year. As you will see in our schedule and class structure that has already been posted, 2 slight modifications have been made to help make this all happen!

If you are an event organizer or series owner interested in joining us in this idea, please contact us in regards to using our rulebook for 2016. At this time, we have no plans to ask for any compensation, and we don’t want to tell you how to run your races. All we are asking is that groups that use our book use them in their entirety and enforce the rules as they are written. Sounds pretty simple!

Merry Christmas and Happy new years to you and your family!

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