OVRP info and updates!

Some general updates regarding this weekends event at OVRP

We have FINALLY uploaded the schedule and supp rules to the CupKarts website. Click here to download them from the OVRP Event page. On the schedule, you will see that we are not able to begin on track activities until 10am each day because of local restrictions. Thankfully, the new Hybrid format for 2023 we demoed a few times last year allows us to still get in very similar amount of track time!

For those of you that didn’t attend an event that used the new format in 2022, here’s the rundown: Saturday is still the same Qualifying, 2 Heats and Feature for mat we have used for years. On Sunday,  we change to a Qualifying, 1 Heat and Feature format. The races are longer on Sunday, so the track time is about the same. Getting rid of the down time between rounds and races really helps us get everybody back on their way home much earlier.

14AprAll Day16North East Race 2 – Oakland Valley

We have used this format at all the South events this year, and received great feedback from the racers. We intend to utilize it throughout the 2023 season!

One question we have gotten a lot is about tires, and what CKNA’s rules are for a Divisional event.

  • On a practice day, you can practice on ANY Vega VAH tire.
  • Throughout Friday and Saturday morning, the tire station will be open for you to come by and have your race tires scanned in. You can scan in used or new tires. Whichever tires you scan in MUST be on the kart for all scored sessions Saturday.
  • On Sunday, if you choose to scan in a different set of new or used tires, you may do that before qualifying begins. If you do not scan in a different set of tires, we will assume that you are using the same set as on Saturday. Again, the set from Saturday or alternative set you scanned in for Sunday MUST be on the kart for all scored sessions on Sunday.
  • In the event of the race director calling for either “Rain Option” or “Mandatory Rain Tires”, Vega W6 tires are the approved rain tire. We do not currently scan rain tires at Divisional Events.

Next up, the weather. After we had placed the tire order for this weekends event, the forecast got a little wetter than it originally looked. Now we all know that the forecasts are rarely correct anymore, but we wanted to make sure that everybody still had a chance to race this weekend. Working with Vega, we made arrangements to have an additional 30 sets of rain tires expedited to the track, and should arrive on Friday. So don’t let the potential needing rain tires you don’t have keep you from coming, because we have you covered!

We’re really looking forward to this new era of 4-cycle karting in the North East. We have received a ton of positive feedback about this new series, and the numbers show that the region is hungry for a competitive series dedicated to the 4-cycle racer. With 100 racers per-registered already, we know we made the right decision!

To any racers that are new to CKNA this weekend, welcome to the CKNA family! Please make sure to come introduce yourselves to our staff and ask any questions you may have. We probably do some things differently than you are used to, and we want to make sure that everybody has all the information they need to have fun this weekend. With any new series, there will probably be some growing pains… but the focus of Tony Cirillo (Series Director), Keith Shampine (Race Director) and the rest of the CKNA staff will always be to host the most competitive AND family friendly events possible. So if you have a concern or question, please bring it up with our staff. With all of your help, we can make the North East Division a great place to race 4-cycle karts!

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