Registration and Number Reservations are now open!

That's right! You can now reserve your number for any CKNA events in 2021!

With two separate divisions and a pair of National races this year, we are handling number reservations a bit differently this year. There will be 3 separate number pools:

  • Cup Karts North Division
  • Cup karts South Division
  • CKNA Nationals

When you reserve a number in either of the divisional pools, you will be asked if you would also like to reserve that number for the National pool as well. This is to give you the option to lock in your number for the Spring Nationals and the Grand Nationals. Like always, we DO NOT ALLOW duplicate numbers or letters at and CKNA events to help our race staff officiate efficently.

All racers who reserved a number last year have the chance to re-reserve that number until January 26th in both the North Division pool AND the National pool.
After the 26th, all unpaid numbers become available to the public.
Make sure to use the same email account as last year when creating your Race Select login if you had a number from the 2020 season.

 If at any time you are having an issue with Race Select, please use the live chat feature. Their staff has committed to being available on very short notice to solve any problems or questions.

Cup Karts South Race 1

Registration is well underway for the inaugural round of the Cup Karts South division at Bushnell Motorsports Park on February 6th

 We’re very excited that this event is already getting so much buzz. There will probably be some familiar faces as well… We’re hearing that a number of racers from the Cup Karts North Division will be making the drive to Florida to help kick off our new division.

2021 Spring Nationals

 We plan to open registration AND parking reservations for our first ever race at Charlotte Motorspeedway in a little over a week. You’ll want to register early though… this event looks like it is going to be huge!

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