Registration is now OPEN!

It's Time!!!

That’s right folks. Registration is now open for Round 1 of the 2019 Champions Cup season, the CKNA Spring Nationals as well as number reservations for anybody racing in 2019.

We have an all new registration system, powered by MotorsportsReg. We hope this system will be easier for racers to use and expedite the registration process online and at the track. Here are some of the new features that we have rolled out with the system:

  • Differed Payments:

Gone are the days of having to pay for an event weeks or months early. Your payment information will be stored securely by MotorsportsReg, and we wil not process your payment until the weekend before the race!

  • Tire Reservations

To further help the racers budgets, you can now reserve a set of tires for yourself for only $20. This guarantees we will have tires for you at the track, and you don;t need to pay for them until you pick them up.

  • Reserved Numbers THAT WORK!

The biggest reason we changed software was the powerful reserved number system MotorsportsReg offers. For $15, you can reserve your number for the entire season. No more adding letters to numbers or anything like that.

  • More to come…

There are tons of features that the software has that we quite honestly haven;t had time to set up yet. But as the season progresses, we hope to implement all of them that make your lives easier. This includes forms, tech updates and newsletters.

Now we know that learning a new system can be a pain, so we have made a few YouTube tutorials to walk you through the process.  You can find them on our all new YouTube channel, CUPKARTS. We have one video to walk you through the Number Reservation system, and another to show you how to register for a race:

Please note, the only way to guarantee yourself a specific race number is to reserve it. Even if you register with a  number for a race without reserving it, the number can still be reserved through the number reservation event. If that happens, you will be required to change your number when you arrive.

Now that we have this up and running, we’re full steam ahead on finalizing everything for the Spring Nationals. You will see our Supplemental rules, 2019 pre-tech forms and lots more coming in the next week.
2019 is upon us, and this is going to be the biggest year in Cup Karts’ history!

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