Registration is open for GN6

The long wait is over, Registration has opened for Grand Nationals 6 at New Castle Motorsports Park!

Please head over to the Grand Nationals 6 page for the general overview of the event. This page is where the bulk of the information regarding the event will be posted. We also have created a FAQ page specifically for this event. We promise the majority of the questions you have will be answered there.

Other then getting registered for the race, the other thing you need to do is get yourself a pit spot. For Grand Nationals, you do this by calling the staff at NCMP and reserving through them. As this race has grown we have had to add more and more space to accommodate all the drivers, but we do have room for everybody. Prices range from Free to $200 depending on how close to the grid you would like to be. Motor home hookup spots are also available for an additional fee.

Furthermore, to celebrate the return of our Canadian friends back to the United States for this race, we have added a section of the pits we are affectionately calling, “Little Canada”. Parking in this area is optional for our Canadian competitors, but will only cost $50 per spot!

Stay tuned to the Grand Nationals 6 page as well as FaceBook for future updates about the race. We will have sponsor announcements, sneak peeks at the prize offerings and much more coming on a regular basis!


This is the big one, and you DON’T want to miss it!

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