RIGP Champion Tony Neilson Gives Back To The 206 Racers!

Although we did not do a very good job of promoting it, the 206 Cup awarded each RIGP class winner in either a 206 class or the Margay Ignite Shootout free entry to our final round or racing in Shawano. What we didn’t expect was for one driver to sweep 4 of those 5 classes!

Tony Neilson of 61 Kartway reached out to me today, and asked if he could donate his entry to a worthy competitor that might want to visit the epic track that is USAir Motorsports. Tony won’t be able to make the event himself, but wanted to help somebody else make the race. So, we will be giving away two entries for the entire weekend in celebration of Tony’s record breaking year at the Rock Island Grand Prix:

As Tony races the #19 Margay, we are going to award the 19th person to register online via our website a free entry. Whomever is the 19th entry will have their registration fee’s refunded directly back to their Credit Card!

Tony also wanted to make sure that one of our winners was a younger driver. They are the future of our sport, and we need to encourage more kids to race! So the second free entry will be awarded to a 206 Sportsman or Junior driver that already races a 206, but has not raced in the 206 Cup series yet this season. To enter this drawing, all you need to do is to send an email by Saturday September 12th to greg@206cup.com with the drivers name as well as the parents name and contact information along with at least one picture of the drivers kart with a Briggs and Stratton 206 engine already installed to be entered. We will randomly select one of these entries on Sunday, September 13th to award the free entry to. If the winning driver needs the correct slide to participate, one will be provided to them by us.

This means you only have 5 days to enter for this free entry, so tell your friends to act fast. Thank you to the RIGP race committee and the entire Neilson family for making this happen!


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