Rulebook v23.1 has been released!

As many of you know, in an effort to provide the best experience possible, we occasionally make mid-season revisions to our rule book. We felt it time once again to revise some things and have published rev23.1 of the CKNA Rules.

We encourage all of our racers to download the latest rules, and keep a copy in their toolboxes. Here are just some of the things that have been updated/changed:

  • A detailed explanation of tram line enforcement, including diagrams to make sure there is no more confusion.
  • Revised policies on what it means to complete a pass as well as leaving “room to race” for your fellow competitors.
  • A much more robust explanation of what is permitted when defending a position, draft breaking and what is considered blocking.
  • Tire rules clarified for the 2023 season, including how CKNA will be addressing tires from multiple importers for the 2023 season.

Please make sure to print yourself an updated copy of the rules, and review them with your driver or crew chief. These updated rules go into effect May 1st, 2023.

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