Rules update rev19.1 now available

Like we have always said, we will listen to our competitors. As the Spring Nationals draw near, it is obvious that people are dragging their karts out of the garage and getting ready because we have been receiving a lot of rules questions over the past 3 weeks.

Some of the questions have prompted us to adjust a few rules. Although there were numerous changes made to the rule book (which are all highlighted in RED), here are the ones we feel are substantial enough to mention and bring to everybody’s attention separately:

  • (Page 6, Tires) There was some confusion if new tires we’re a requirement for the Spring Nationals. Just like any Divisional event, any Vega VAH tires are permitted. You simply must use the set qualified on for all scored sessions that day. To be clear, you must qualify, run both heats and feature on the same set of tires per day! You may begin any day with used tires.
  • (Page 11, Bodywork) Reinforcement of any bodywork component is forbidden. Just wanted to make sure nobody was making battering rams or anything like that!
  • (Page 12, Floor Pans) We have relaxed the rules on “Open Bodywork” classes when it comes to floor pans in the void between the front bumper and the front chassis rail. We also made the rule for “CIK” classes stricter, not allowing any floor pan in that area.
  • (Page 13, Ballast) Although there is significant change to this section, here is the jist: You MAY mount a limited amount of weight to the front bumper of the chassis, so long as it is done following the additional guidelines set forth in the rules for weight on that part of the kart. There are also some more stringent requirements for how any ballast is mounted, and the types of ballast that can be used.

Visit our Rules Page Here

That’s basically it! Other than a few things reworded, those should be the only changes prior to the first race at Concept Haulers Motor Speedway, the first ever Spring Nationals!

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