Shawano updates

As we draw closer to our return to the sprawling hills of Shawano, WI and USAir Motorsports, we wanted to post up some valuable information for everybody regarding the weekends race. Based on the early registrations, this is going to be a huge event!

We of course will publish supplemental rules and scheduling information about one week prior to the event, but this information is to answer some questions and potentially concerns you may have before attending this awesome event!

Pit Spots / Parking

Within 24 hours of us opening registration and parking reservations, the pits we’re nearly sold out. With approximately 80 spots available for registration, this means we are looking at a bigger turnout than we expected! As of last night, there we’re no planned spots available.

Thankfully, the folks at USAir are giving us some more room for parking. Starting tomorrow, we will be allowing people to reserve the spots we initially planned on being free for $50 each, and the newly added parking will be the free area. People parking in the free area will be parked on a first come / first served basis. USAir insists that nobody will go without a pit spot that comes to the race!

Tent weights available on site

As some of our racers tent cites are becoming larger and more elaborate, the need to weigh them down to the ground is more and more important.

USAir has concrete weights with strap attachments ready and available for rent at $25 each. at 4000# each,we cant imagine anybody needing more than 2 of these behemoths. Email us if you’d like to have them brought to your pit spot. Driving stakes into the blacktop will NOT BE ALLOWED!

Track Layout

We plan to post a track map of the configurations to be used for our weekend at USAir Motorsports with the supplemental rules. This includes the main track as well as the Kid Kart layout.

Based on the characteristics of the facility, Kid Karts will run on a shortened course than of the other classes. Race officials are planning a site visit in the coming weeks to finalize the decision on both layouts.

Motorized Bikes / Vehicles

One of the many reasons CKNA is still able to host events at USAir is our respect for the facility and it’s policies. To that affect, absolutely NO GOLF CARTS, ELECTRIC BIKES, SCOOTERS, HOVER BOARDS, etc.. are allowed on the property at any time, day or night. Pedal power is just fine!

The ONLY exception is to aid somebody with a medical need that both series officials and track management approve.


We’re happy to announce that a variety of concession foods will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In fact, it looks like we have two different vendors coming to feed us! So don’t worry about packing a whole bunch of meals, the folks at the track have you covered.

And for those of us that have a sweet tooth, Anne always has a huge assortment of treats for sale in the main building!

Move in and pre-event practicing


Due to another event obligation at USAir, no track time will be available the week prior to our event. However, racers will be allowed to move in Thursday starting at 10am. Again, there will be no on track activities available until Friday practice.

Those of you with larger rigs are encouraged to arrive as early as possible that weekend due to the narrow nature of the pits at USAir. Exact gate hours will be published with the supplemental rules.

Pets at the track

Pets are allowed at USAir, but due to track rules and local regulations, there are some specific instructions for pet owners at the track. If you need to bring your dog to the track with you, please check in with track management when you arrive.

We can’t tell you how much our entire staff is looking forward to this event. Of all the tracks CKNA has held races at, USAir holds a very special place in our hearts. We really hope you will all come and see why we call this track “The best kept secret in Karting!”

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