Special Announcement for Animal Racers!

Even though our series in centered around the 206 classes, the Animal racers are equally important. The Briggs Animal classes provide great racing and a potential “next step” for the 206 driver that wants some more speed. With that in mind, we have been talking with key players in the Animal racing world to try and bolster our numbers in the class.

First off, our Animal classes will only race for championship points at three of our events this season. Road America in Elkhart Lake, CHMS in Norway and USAir in Shawano will be the only races that the Animal classes will be scored. As this reduces the number of points days that are available, there will be no drops for determining the champion. We will still allow Animal racers to participate in rounds 2 and 4 if they would like, but a minimum of 5 racers will have to pre-register for the events for the class to form, and the races will not be scored in the championship standings.

We also wanted to create a special package specifically for the Animal Racers to try and encourage more of these racers to participate. Thanks to the help of 4 Cycle Central, Vega Tires and Briggs we have done just that.Going live on our registration page tonight, a special offer for the Animal class will offer pre-paid entry into all three of the Animal events (Rounds 1, 3 and 5) and a set of Vega VAH tires for only $395! You read that right, Animal racers that commit to all three rounds will be rewarded with a set of tires at a discount of nearly $100 off!

The guys at 4 cycle central will also be providing a special set of prizes specifically for the Animal class awards ceremony at the end of the season. We’d like to extend our appreciation to all the sponsors that worked together to make this special discounted package happen. It shows what our series is all about: trying to help four cycle karting grow!

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