Spring Nationals are ramping up FAST!

We’re officially 30 days out from the CKNA Spring Nationals, and it is already looking to be another BIG year at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

This is the fastest we have ever reached the 200 entry mark for any race, including any of the Grand Nationals! Unfortunately, this means that we are already making the decision to cap entries in all classes.

Trust me, we REALLY don’t want to. But one of the main goals at any CKNA event is to get racers the most track time possible. The only way to squeeze any more in would be to move this event to a Friday Qualifying format, and it wouldn’t be fair to anybody to make that change so close to the race.

We also have many exciting sponsor announcements coming in just a few days. One of which, we’re so excited about that we just can;t wait. Odenthal Racing Products has stepped up to the plate and become the Spring Nationals Presenting Sponsor!

Odenthal has been a CKNA sponsor in the past, but as their business ramps up for the 2024 karting season, they really wanted to get involved again because of the loyalty the CKNA racers have shown their company. Thanks to their partnership, we will be featuring Odenthal products at every drivers meeting throughout the year, starting eith Spring Nationals!

There’s a lot in the works still for the 2024 season, and we can’t wait to tell you about all of it. We’re also working hard on updating the entire website with new content, as well as developing a new website to be released later in 2024.

For starters, we finally (yeah, we know…) updated the Spring Nationals page for 2024. All the information there is now current. We also fixed the annoying date glitch on the website that was causing some confusion!

So stay tuned… 2024 will be the best season yet!

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