Spring Nats Supps and Schedule Outline

The long awaited schedule for the 2022 Spring Nationals has been uploaded to the website! You can download them either on the homepage or on the Spring Nationals Page.

Here are three important things to note:

  • There is a new Pre-Tech form this season, that makes you acknowledge the kart number you registered with is correct, and on your kart DURING PRE-TECH. We will no longer be allowing number changes at the track in most cases, so make sure you know what you registered!


  • We will be setting up a “Tire Table” for all racers to have their tires scanned in at. We will not be scanning tires at the grid as we have done in the past. Make sure to have your tires scanned before we begin qualifying in any classes.


  • The KG bodywork importer has not yet received their batch of homoligated 507 drivers panels, but many racers have them without the stamp. Since their homoligation period has now started, we will be allowing them for the time being. How they will be inspected is outlined in the supps.

You will also find a schedule outline on the last page that spells out when all rounds of racing will take place, gate times, etc.. We will publish the detailed timeline with each sessions exact time the beginning of next week. At this time, it looks like we are going to run split heats/LCQ’s in 4 classes! (Sportsman, Junior, Senior Light and Senior Medium)

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