Tech Update 5/1 (CIK Seat addendum)

It has been brought to our attention that our CIK Seat guidelines have unintentionally rendered seats designed in the NEK / JECKO style illegal for use in the CIK Class. Our research shows that these seats ARE LEGAL for use in CIK competition, and therefor will be legal for our CIK Class as well.
We will be revamping our seat rule to accommodate this in the near future. This however will not be possible to have completed before our opening race. Therefor; seats in the NEK / JECKO style will not have to meet the 28″ max overall measurement, so long as they are 100% unmodified other than drilling for mounts, weights or repairs. The angle requirement will remain in place.
We apologize for the confusion. The seat debate has been a hot topic in 4cycle karting for many years. To our knowledge, there are not an agreed upon set of measurements currently in use that define the difference in a CIK style vs laydown style seat. We want to avoid making any subjective rules that could be enforced differently by different tracks/officials; and will continue to refine this rule until we are confident that it achieves the desired result in a clear and decisive manor.

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