Tech Update: Kart Numbers

CKNA's new number decals are only a buck!

In an effort to better officiate our events and make sure calls are made quickly and correctly, CKNA will be REQUIRING specific kart number characteristics for all events moving forwards, beginning with Grand Nationals 5. Having nearly 300 entries with over 2 weeks to go means we’re going to have a lot of karts to watch!

Our requirement will be black numbers on either a white or yellow background. Karts will have to have the correct number meeting these requirements on all 4 ends of the kart (Front, Back and both sides). Letters don’t count, so if they’re there please take them off!

We are not requiring you to buy these from us, although we think ours look pretty cool! In an effort to make this transition to specific numbers easier on all our competitors, we have invested in a LARGE quantity of these number decals, and will be selling them for only $1 a piece at Grand Nationals thanks to the help of Kam Koncepts & Wraps, one of our long time sponsors. If you need to buy numbers to be compliant, we would appreciate you buying them from us at the track to help us offset the investment we have made to have these on hand for our competitors.


The reason for this new requirement is simple… it’s for you and our corner workers. Although many of you have really cool looking numbers, it is nearly impossible to read them at speed in a pack of 20+ karts. Time wasted trying to decipher a karts number by our corner workers means they may miss something else on track. Furthermore, we want to make sure that we get the right number on every call!

The only exception to this will be for class champions from any Divisional series will be permitted to use Red backgrounds if they desire! Just another way to recognize our champions! We highly encourage those of you that have earned that right to take advantage of it!


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