Tech Updates: BODYWORK

As we come closer to the Grand Nationals… we will be posting some tech updates and bulletins to try and make sure everybody is compliant with rules as they are written in our rule books. Our first installment:

CIK Bodywork for all classes:

This is a simple reminder that the “Gold Cup Style” bodywork has now been retired from competition in CKNA events. We set the date for this over a year ago so it should come as no surprise to any of our competitors. Grand Nationals 5 will be CKNA’s first race with only CIK bodywork in all classes.

CIK Drivers Fairings:

K.G. USA has recently began distributing their new 507 drivers panel. As of now that panel is not legal for competition in CKNA events. Here’s why:

Our rules require all CIK body components to have a CIK stamp embossed in them. This is not because of any requirement from the FIA, but because it is the only way we have to ensure that all competitors are utilizing commercially available CIK body components that have been unmodified.

There are A LOT of commercially available CIK bodywork components, and we are not equipped to know which of these parts were or were not CIK homoligated at a specific period of time. Requiring the embossed stamp being present is the most effectice way we have to determine the legality of a part.

Although the 507 will be homoligated, it is not yet. Based on the information we have received from K.G., the 507 is due to be homoligated in November 2021, after the Grand Nationals. The 507’s that are currently in the US market DO NOT have the CIK stamp embossed on them, because they are not yet homoligated.

Once the 507’s are available with the stamp, those fairings will be legal. In order for CKNA staff to effectively and efficiently tech bodywork, this stamp must be present as stated in our rules. Therefor, the fairings that are currently for sale without the stamp will still not be legal after the homoligation period begins.

Stay tuned for more tech notices and clarifications for Grand Nationals 5, and the 2022 season. We plan to have a few of these leading up to the Grands to help inspections both pre and post race go as smoothly as possible.

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