The 2021 Spring Nationals will be at Charlotte Motor Speedway!

CKNA announces its National event schedule, including Grand Nationals 5 and the all new Spring Nationals at Charlotte Motor Speedway in NC

Cup Karts North America is pleased to announce our 2021 National Race schedule, which includes Grand Nationals 5 and the Spring Nationals at Charlotte Motor Speedway in March!


This will be Cup Kart’s first visit to the newly renovated Charlotte Motor Speedway, which is rapidly becoming one of the premier facilities on the South.

The official press release is available to view by clicking the image above Inside, you will find some of the early details about both events.


Although this will not be the first time CKNA has held a Spring Nationals event, the 2021 revival of the race will bring it to a whole new level. Charlotte Motor Speedway’s kart track is the perfect home for this event, offering an amazing facility and one of the best racing surfaces out there. Given the huge support we have received from racers in this region over the past years, we are confident this event will allow us to offer a Grand Nationals level experience to kick off the year as well as to close it out.

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