The Briggs And Stratton 206 Cup Doubles Down, Adding Three Animal Classes To The 2015 Lineup!

There has been a lot of talk and speculation in regarding the potential of Animal classes being added to the Briggs and Stratton 206 Cup. The time to speculate is over! The series will now feature 3 different Animal classes for the entire schedule of the 2015 season!

Animal classes were always in the long term plans for the 206 Cup. Although the 206 platform will always be the heart and soul of the series, we knew that the Animal program was the next logical step for us as a series and racers looking to move to a faster class. But with the numerous requests from racers and the blessing of Briggs and Stratton, we have moved up our time table and added the classes for 2015.

We worked directly with 4 Cycle Central, whom is very involved with Animal racing in both the CES series and Badger Kart Club to set up the classes. The classes on offer for 2015 are:

Animal Sportsman (260 lbs, .505″ Gold Plate, Vega FH Tires)
Animal Junior (300 lbs. .575″ Black Plate, Vega FH Tires)
Animal Senior (360 lbs. unrestricted, Vega FH Tires)

Adding classes has it’s downsides. Most notably, we will need to bring on extra tech personnel. To help us cover those costs, 4 Cycle Central has agreed to become a sponsorship partner of the 206 Cup. 4 Cycle Central will also be providing the Spec. fuel for all Animal Classes this season.

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